Conservation is all about grassroots…

18 June 2012

A loud and enthusiastic noise was approaching from the forest yesterday afternoon. Not knowing what it exactly was, I asked Suzanne if she might be expecting someone.

A good minute later my question was answered. A fantastic group of kids from Kalilani Primary School (standard 3 – 7) had a day out excursion into Mahale Mountains national park. Accompanied by the Tanzanian National Park authorities, they were hiking through the forest to meet with our closest living relatives.

As they stopped by Greystoke Mahale and rested for a bit, we offered them to talk with one of our chimpanzee trackers for some good first hand stories. Loudly enthusiastic as they were, they went completely quiet as Sulemani – our Greystoke Tracker - spoke.

It's these enthusiastic kids that are literally at the base of the surrounding communities. And you know what?The level of interest that these youngsters showed is nothing else but real good news for the conservation of these great apes!

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