Crossings at Lamai Serengeti

10 October 2011

Crossings are happening once or twice a day and there are still plenty more to come.

Images with thanks to the Boyd family

The Boyd/Hodgson family recently came to stay at Lamai for 3 days and had some extraordinary sightings in the area. Their first day they watched a forty minute wilderbeest river crossing over the Mara River. As their guide, Festo Msofe, said, “They completely blocked the river, there were about 3,000 wilderbeest creating four or five lines of nearly 20 metres wide. We saw a lioness take down two wilderbeest in the space of fifteen minutes, right under our noses. Their photographs speak for themselves...”

We asked Nomad guide Festo what he liked about being at Lamai Serengeti...

“The location of the camp has the best view in the area, good game is never far from here. You can see the migration approaching the Mara River if you know where to look. It is also a great area for cats, beautiful flowers, Topi, Eland, Oribi...”

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