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De-snaring update July & August

01 September 2020

An additional de-snaring team was activated during this period as the setting of snares increased substantially in the north of the park due to the migration being close to the park north-west boundary. A total of four teams are therefore active in the field, which includes the Mission Possible team (figures for all teams together are given above). 1625 new snares (i.e. a snare that has not previously caught an animal) were removed during this two month period i.e. more new/unused snares were removed than old/used ones. As a comparison, in July and August 2019 a total of 2915 snares were removed, all of them old/used snares. We cannot say with certainty why this is, but believe it is an indication of new poaching activity, probably due to a loss of income in the communities due to COVID-19. It is potentially combined with replacing snares previously confiscated.

One purpose-specific trailer, fabricated in the FZS workshop in Seronera was completed and is now in use in the field by a de-snaring team. This trailer can carry all of the field equipment for one team, has a in-built 500 litre water tank and a solar power system for recharging batteries in the field.

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