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De-snaring update May & June

01 July 2020


The two de-snaring teams were active as usual during this period with the third team on standby as the migration has started moving northwards and closer to the Park boundary.
333 new snares (i.e. a snare that has not previously caught an animal) were removed and confiscated during this two month period.

The SERENGETI MISSION POSSIBLE initiative has raised $68,600 to date, with one team being active in the field in the Lamai area. This team is supervised by the SENAPA warden in Lamai and always has a SENAPA ranger present. The team has provided a presence in the area during this time of very low tourism in the Park, and has been doing general anti-poaching and de-snaring work.
The rains have now stopped, but the area is still very wet. Fires have started, which is also a time when bushmeat poachers move onto recently burnt areas which have a green flush and attact wildlife. A specially designed field trailer for the use of each de-snaring team is being custom built in the FZS workshop in Seronera, for deployment when the teams are very active in the Lamai area.

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