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Delivery Day!!

17 June 2016

A new season has started here and the work in the village continues.
This week we visited Katumbi to check up on the progress of our projects and hand out the generous donations from our compassionate guests.

Julie Wynne a previous guest of ours who has already supported Katumbi clinic and school with very much appreciated equipment, has also raised the funds for a delivery and examination bed for the clinic along with enough to renovate three of the school's classrooms.

Nurse Elizabeth is the primary health care practitioner here at Katumbi and has a very busy time delivering the 100's of resident's babies in some challenging conditions. She longed for some new beds to be able to cater for her many clients and was delighted that we could assist in making this a reality.

Always greeted with smiles on the shores of Katumbi Village!

The excitement of new equipment arrivals - friendly locals giving us a helping hand

Nurse Elizabeth's delivery room with the old equipment is a basic affair - so a new bed was a welcome treat

Out with the old - in with the new!

All hands on deck to help assemble the bed!

Multitasking Butati - not just a pretty face! wink

Getting there.....!

Two hours later and we've created a masterpiece! Nurse Elizabeth is very happy with her new donation.

On to number two - examination bed in progress...

No time for snoozing Butati!

Happy patient with her beautiful new bundle!

The school classrooms were very much in need of repair - a new floor is welcomed by all.

New plastering, paint job and fixing the holes now saves the rooms from getting soaked in the rainy season!

Quick pit stop at the local market to give our little helpers a snack! YUM!

Another excellent initiative is the ongoing project set up by another great guest - David Middleton of 'All About The Light'

We had another delivery of lights arrive and we have the pleasure of distributing these great inflatable solar lights to those most in need. It really is a wonderful thing to be able to literally bring light into people's lives!

This is a great project that any traveler can take part in - just pop a few in your luggage and get involved with meeting a local community in a way that deepens both your experiences.

Thanks again to all who help it really strengthens our relationships with our communities and gives joy to all those involved.

If you are interested in helping out in anyway you can please do contact the Nomad Trust at: [email protected] for more information.

Thanks from all at Greystoke and Katumbi Village!

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