Sand Rivers

“Did you get bitten by a snake”

09 June 2011

Taking a boat safari from Sandrivers will get you up close and personal with many of the birds that nest in the banks. The birds seem to be very tolerant of the boats, one day we had a Beautiful Malachite Kingfisher land on the boat a few feet from us! Above is a photo of a Giant Kingfishers just out side its nest and some Eland on the plains..

Today we were doing a bit of exploring on foot, near Lake Tagalala we came across a heard of Zebras, as usual they ran off. From where we were it looked like one of the Zebras was lying down and not moving. We decided to go over and have a look. As we came with 10m of the Zebra we saw an ear twitch. It seemed like it was very weak or maybe it had sustained an injury. We came to within a few feet of the young Zebra and decided to nudge it with our feet, but no reaction, then once more, but still nothing. Rem who I was with bent down and said to it, "did you get bitten by a snake" at that moment the Zebra woke up and bolted away giving us a major increase in heart rate! Then we had to laugh, poor thing was only fast asleep! He trotted off and joined his rather concerned mum.

One of our other walks out had the great luck of seeing 3 leopards in one morning, a mother with two tiny cubs, great news, hopefully we will be seeing more of them!

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