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Dog Days…

06 November 2013

Many people come far and wide with hope of catching a glimpse of these 'painted' wild dogs, a highlight to any safari and a great experience to watch the pack interact as if you are part of their environment. We were very lucky to spend a sleepy afternoon with this pack who had puppies a few months back...Waking up out of his slumber from the heat of the Selous..

The pups were very relaxed watching us watching them and were getting restless as the adults slept on

Once the parents couldn't tolerate the pups eagerness to get going for the evening's hunt, all of a sudden the whole pack rippled with energy and excitement, jumping and playing greeting each other as if they hadn't seen each other for months! High pitched yelps and squeals echoed around the Miombo woodlands creating an eerie sense of primaeval wild instincts of the pack ready to get to work!

Tug O' War! Once reunited, the pups teased and played with each other bounding around and playing as kids do under the watchful eye of mum and dad, lovely to see the family bond as the pack interacted

What a privilege to be invited in to their world and observe them in such a relaxed moment in their day, we will be sure to update you again when we are lucky enough to stumble across these beautiful beasts again.

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