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Each Day is Different But You Don’t Need Much

14 October 2014

So we are getting our feet on the ground here at Greystoke in the Mahale Mountains. Getting to grips with the change from the Selous Game Reserve has been an exciting process. We have been lucky with a lot of action in the camp since arriving as the Pseudospondias microcarpa have been fruiting outside the kitchen.

So the day we decide to go out and get some exercise and hope for a trek up the mountain, of course the chimps come to camp for breakfast.

Not to worry as we can still go for a hike to see if we can find the chimps up in the mountains. Figuring out what is important to bring can be a bit of a challenge so to help you out here are a few tips, as 15kg does not allow for much.

It is really humid inside the jungle. But you are in the shadow of the canopy so no need for a big hat or even sunglasses but they are useful for the beach.

There are some thorny vines and buffalo beans so it is always best to be in trousers and a long sleeved shirt, but it is humid so make sure these are lightweight and good breathing materials.Hiking boots up to the knees are not essential but having good ankle support and sturdy well tracked, well-worn shoes are a must.

A camera is of course a must, having something with good video is even better for when the male chimps throw a bit of a tantrum. Point and shoots do the job just fine but if you are a bit more of a photography buff then you really don't need anything longer than a 300mm lens as the chimps get very close from time to time. Carting a big lens up the mountain is tough work so make sure you are happy to do so. A small pair of binoculars might come in handy if you are not holding a camera.

We have some great 1l water bottles here with canvass straps that are easy to carry but if you want to be even more comfortable on the mountain a small camel back is much more convenient.

Other than that you dont need much...whether the chimps are in camp, somewhere on the large flat band before the mountains or high up 2000m above sea level this should get you by.

Happy packing and see you soon.

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