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14 November 2016

Nomad Project Manager, Paddy, recently headed to Kuro Tarangire with his family to remind himself what life in the bush is all about. He found the place swarming with elephant and sent a few pictures to prove it (we did actually believe him without the evidence but if he needed to do it, then who are we to argue?). We thought we'd share them with you.

So close you can count the wrinkles. I mean if that's your bag.

Eyes on the prize. Too busy looking at the elephants?? Don't forget to caste your eyes upward every now and then.

We could spend days watching family groups of elephants. It NEVER gets dull.

The Silale Swamp - usually teeming with bird and animal life of all sizes.

The sunsets aren't bad either. At least when you see this, you know there's a cold g&t nearby.

Photos by Paddy MacMullen.

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