Kiba Point

Elephant Tea Party

23 August 2012

The sun had cast its last few rays over Kiba and the mighty Rufiji River and all that could be heard was the last of the Ibis travelling back their nests and the 'laugh' of the Hippo as the time for their emergence from the water crept even closer.

Our guests arrived and discussions started. And suddenly, whithout warning, a thunderous crash came from the right which made us stop in our tracks. Torches in hand we slowly arose from the table (like a leopard from its slumber) and crept towards the pools edge in time to see a huge head and ears emerge from the tree line. The elephants had come to join us for dinner.

One by one they crashed through the trees and into the clearing by the pool. There were ten in total including one very cute little baby who kept trying to dodge his own shadow. One even had the cheek to knock over our newly built barbeque, but having these magnificent creatures no more then 10 meters away was enough to let that one slide.

They stayed with us for the enitre duration of our meal, what a view to have whilst eating. As the elephants ate their supper of bark and green thorn fruit for dessert, we ate ours of pork and chocolate oblivion. Our own little elephants tea party and what a tea party it was!!!!

The barbeque was definitely not the same after this stunning elephant clumsily walked into it.

This little cutie couldn't stand the sight of its own shadow, dodging this way and that way.

Mum was hungry and happily fed from this tree for most of the evening, allowing us to sit in total silence
5 meters away and watch her in awe.

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