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End of the season, here are the highlights!

25 March 2014

We arrived up here late October 2013 and set about exploring whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Here are a few of our favourite moments on Safari in the Northern Serengeti.

Nic, learning how to use a "grownups" camera - with varying results!

The beasts remained on the doorstep right up until early December last year - not a view that you can take for granted.

Our resident lion pride still have 14 healthy cubs - the "mammas" brought down this Zebra in front of our car.

The Buffalo here are huge - must be all that fantastic grass they're constantly munching!

What a beauty, this huge female leopard is incredibly relaxed around the cars.

You can imagine how delighted we were to be introduced to her two cubs.

Meeting the camp residents has to include an interview with a Dwarf Mongoose or two.

The camp Klipspringers pop up here and there.

A family shot of Elephants wondering past the camp.

Our first Roan Antelope sighting will not be forgotten.....

....and a Serval makes for another special tick in the box.

More new arrivals from the Cheetah fraternity......

...and Black Rhino's to boot!!

Moonrise with a cold beer in hand to finish, forgive the montage guys - we'll catch up in June.

Nic and Jana xx

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