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Escaping the Chill

13 February 2017

To all of you living in the Northern hemisphere – this is a great time of year to escape the cold and enjoy some warmth and ‘creature’ comforts in the Serengeti.

Our off/low season is a bit of a misnomer as a safari at this time of year is as good as our peak season. The only difference is the spectacle of the wildebeest migration. If your aim is to see the big five then Lamai is the place to be, no matter what the time of year the resident game abounds and it’s not uncommon to see the big five in a single day.

An added benefit is you have the National Park to yourself, you might see one or two other vehicles out on the endless plains during a 3-day safari.

If you have a bit of adventure in your heart, enjoy the pleasures of Mother Nature’s bounty, can see yourself sitting on the Mara River banks eating breakfast to the sounds of hippos singing while giraffes nibble on fresh shoots of Acacia tree tops, pretty much alone in your own private paradise then a safari in the ‘off’ season is for you.

Here are some beautiful photographs from a very recent safari - enjoy!!

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