Kiba Point

Fair Fortune

12 September 2010

We have been experiencing incredible fortune here in the Selous. For three consecutive days, wild dogs have graced us with their presence. KP guide Godlisten won the honors the second day as he was the first to spot them on an impala kill. Its times like this that I wish I could just be a guest.

I did find considerable consolation this morning, however, when I went out on a brief game drive to watch some lions on a buffalo carcass. It was the large Sand Rivers pride and they greeted me with a surround-sound chorus of roars that seemed to be a response to some other lions we were hearing off in the distance. The females opened, some adolescent males joined the melody, and then one of the territorial males came in with a terrifying crescendo. Its one thing to be just a few meters away from a roaring lion, its quite another to have lions roaring a few meters away in all directions.

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