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Family time at Kiba Point

27 November 2018

Having just got married in Arusha three days before, I didn’t really think that it could get much better...then we came to Kiba Point.

I was of course excited, as I always am stepping onto the plane in Arusha, knowing full well what to expect down in the Selous and remembering then, and every time, how lucky I am to call this a ‘job’, BUT my family and friends were like restless children on Christmas eve…The Selous has always had a very special place in my heart, I have always thought that it is ‘proper Africa’ – wild, vast, quiet, hot and chocker block full of adventure. (Also the promise of flicking a fly into the Rifuji River chasing after a tiger fish is never too far from the top of my priorities).

Kiba Point and the Selous did not disappoint, I would go as far to say that it was the best four days I have spent in the African bush. The game came out to meet us as soon as we touched down on the Kiba airstrip. Promise the fantastic Kiba Point Manager and Guide, could barely speak with excitement when he greeted us, he had seen several groups of ele’s, cats and a giraffe giving birth on the way to pick us up.

Fly camping took our breath away, we were on our own, remote, on an island with nothing other than Baobab’s on it, serenaded around the late night fire by whiskey, stars, grunting hippos and roaring lions – bliss.

We walked every morning. Time seems to stand still just after dawn the Selous, its quiet, cool and peaceful – then suddenly the birds and hippos wake. We were stopping every 5 minutes to discuss in great depth the enormity of the termite underground systems, incredible fossilised wood, first world war German 7mm First World War bullets or indeed the freshness of the eland dropping – of which the taste can determined the time of which they were scattered, a trick I very nearly seem to fall for time and time again….. at the end of our last morning walk we were surprised with a cook out breakfast, we were met by the amazing Kiba Point team with fresh coffee and large fluffy omelettes. We were so glutenous and full that we decided were better to have a nap in the late morning shade than the shore of lake Makubi with only the fish eagles, noisy hippos and wallowing elephants to keep us company.

Truth be told, this was supposed to be a trip where we slipped off quietly, away from wedding madness and went fishing…..there was hardly any time for fishing as everything else was exceptional.

There is no place I would rather spend such a special time with family and friends than the Selous and Kiba point. The Kiba Point team were incredible, Promise was a superb host and guide, they all created memories that my family and I will never forget.

Paddy MacMullen - Nomad Operations Manager

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