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Feeling festive in the Northern Serengeti

29 December 2014

We are keeping up the Christmas spirit this year, here's a little blog to give you a taste of what that looks like.

A roaring fire is a must, especially as we've had a few chilly evenings this year - we even toasted marshmallows!

Dinner on Christmas eve with the Spring family - tremendous food and great company!!

Traditional German Christmas biscuits, you'd be right in thinking Jana had a hand in this.

Chocolate brownie father christmas cakes - wow Yasin (chef) you superstar!!

Our decorations were hand made by our ladies with recycled tin and massai beeds they're fantastic.

Another of Jana's creations avoiding the flashing, plastic snowman and keeping a natural vibe to the Serengeti Chrimbo!!

Well done Jana, Vicky, Maimuna and Esther - these look great!

Pendaeli (head chef) you have, once again, totally nailed it with the prawn bloody marys....

...and the fondant chololat.

In case you'd forgotten what we look like chaps here we are on top of the Serengeti.

Christmas day and a stroll up the rocks to the baboon bar with our guests; the Atkinsons, the Caseys, the Willises and the Castels!

Thank you all for sharing it with us guys, it was a blast.

Now we'd better get cracking on this New Year`s party!

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