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Fighting to survive

11 August 2013

Throughout the last week our guests have been treated to experiencing the rush and excitement of watching thousands of wildebeest crossing back and forth across the Mara River. A big part of the experience is watching whether the wildebeest make it across the river alive avoiding the dangers of the crocodile jaws and rocks in the river that can break their legs.

Due to the sheer number of wildebeest that cross the river in a mad frenzy there are bound to be a few that do not make it to the bank on other side of the river. In this case it was a young wildebeest who happened to get slightly separated from the rest.

Wildebeest crossing the Mara RiverThe crocodile singles it out and moves in The crocodile comes up from behind and snapsThe shocked wildebeest gets pulled down streamThe wildebeest puts up a fight and desperately tries to get out of the water but the crocodile has a good hold of him and just waits for the wildebeest to tireAlmost an hour later the crocodile gets the wildebeest in to deeper water and pulls him under

Unfortunately that was it for the wildebeest, worn out from the struggle and unable to stand up the crocodile finally finished him off.

Thank you very much to the photographer Rob Kerscher who captured this event and shared the pictures with us.

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