Kiba Point

Final shot

27 September 2010

Poor Noemie, the thing she most wanted to see was a Leopard but she was shut away in camp, deftly touching up my shocking farmer's tan that threatened to ruin so many great photos, when I spotted my own favorite African animal. Lounging on a broad branch of a baobab, a pretty-boy leopard surveyed his surroundings.

I'll end my discussion of the photo shoot with, finally, an actual photo, courtesy of Jo. But it is probably worth noting that the consensus between her and Noemie was "eh, it's just a picture of a leopard in a baobab. Nothing really special about it." Works for me if I get to keep the picture.

Thanks Jo and Noemie, it was a real pleasure, can't wait to see all the pictures on the new website.

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