Fish eagles catching fish in the Katuma River

02 August 2010

By Maripet Koipa - Guide, Chada Katavi

The African Fish Eagle is one among many birds of prey founding the Katavi National Park. This bird feeds on fish weighting up to 3kg. They use their large wings as propellers for lifting the fish. They are very patient, waiting on a perch near Katuma riverbanks, waiting for any movement in the water before diving down to catch the fish using their big talons.

On the 14th July I was leading a walk with clients from the Katuma River bridge, toward Miti ya Simba and we saw a fish eagle fishing. She dived from a perch very fast and caught a big cat fish of about 1kg and took it back to the tree and started hammering against the branch to kill it. She then began feeding on it.

The clients were very happy to see such a sighting!

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