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Fistula Outreach

30 September 2019

Annie is just 21 years old. She is a beautiful confident young lady who has silently battled with fistula for the last three years.

As is the case for many fistula sufferers, Annie went into labour at home in her village, and after three days, her child had died in the birth canal, and she had suffered internal damage and tearing. She went to hospital after her three day ordeal, but it was too late and the doctors there were not able to help with her internal tearing as it is a very specialised area of surgery. Annie was lucky that her husband stood by her despite the ostracising condition she suffered from.

But she was ashamed to even leave her house, and people would ridicule her when she was out in public from lack of proper understanding about her condition. She rarely went to the market place, typically sending people to go on her behalf.

Hearing about the care and treatment available in Arusha through our health outreach program that came to her village, she got together with four other people from her district and made the journey unto Arusha. She has now had surgery and is making a good recovery and is due to go home tomorrow.

Along with Annie in the specialist medical facility and outreach partners Maternity Africa, were other women who had been identified and supported through the outreach program to reach arusha for help.

From as young as 19 years old, up to their 50s, these women have struggled with their conditions for many years, with no hope of help.

Now they have received corrective surgery from one of the world's top experts in this field, and are set to go back to their villages with their heads held high. In the last 6 months, our fistula outreach clinics have been to 3 regions, covering 21 villages and reaching over 1000 people. 7 women have successful had fistula repair surgery as a result. And we hope to reach more soon.

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