Kiba Point

Five New Faces….

17 June 2012

As another day shattered the darkness that the night brings we were on full alert, ready to capture all that the Selous through at us. Heading on our first venture alone we crawled along taking in every breathtaking view that we saw. As we cleared the first ridge and dropped down towards what is known as 'The Garden' we discovered the tracks of what we knew was a rather large feline!

As we looked East across the ridge we saw four females and one scruffy male (who had a dashing mohican as his mane) bathing in the morning sun. We edged ever closer, leaving the road slightly behind, carefully picking our route through the gullies and tall grass to get a better look at these magnificent creatures.

Our route eventually brought us out into a clearing to have a perfect view of all and yet there were still more suprises to come....

We looked into a thicket of tall grass and noticed ten pairs of little eyes looking in our direction. One by one those pairsof eyes turned into the cutest little Lion cub faces you ever did see. Nomore than a month old tey had curiosity written all over their faces.

It will be a fascinating journey to follow these youngsters as they go through the challenges that life as a young lion in an unfamiliar world

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