Flowering meadows

17 January 2011

By Gabriel Mushi, Guide Chada Katavi

This is not a thing someone expects to find on safari in the bush. But it is exactly what you will find if you come to Katavi in January.

Sometimes we stop the vehicle and spend long minutes looking at flowers so even for me being a guide this is a new experience like Im one of the guests. Except I know most of the names of the flowers now from studying them recently.

The nice thing with flowers on safari is even when guests expected to see elephants and lions, a savanna with pink, yellow, white, orange, purple and red decorations is a great surprise.

One guest asked me if he could take a flower for his wifes hair, and I was nervous because it is just a flower, but it is protected by the laws the same way a leopards skin or an elephants ivory. When I explained this to them, they laughed because flowers are flowers and elephants are elephants, but we were able to drive away sparing the life of the flower, my job and their happiness.

This flower is a wild ginger.

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