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Focus on Mahale

22 May 2012

Katumbi Village Clinic

We recently invested $4000 in the clinic on medication, storage facilities, and medical equipment. There is a huge need for further assistance for this clinic.

Katumbi Primary School

It is possible, and highly recommended to visit this wonderful little school near the airstrip. It is incredibly basic, we have provided the school with books, desks, chairs and cupboards. Nomad Trust has set up a nursery class, and for the second year running we sponsor a nursery teacher, as well as provide the children with a meal a day.

Nomad trust has set up a computer room, run on solar power, with laptops and a printer.

We are currently looking for sponsorship for meals for the nursery students.

It costs $1000 for one year to provide one meal a day to all the nursery students.

If you would like to support any of our projects we can be contacted at [email protected]

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