Enhancing Lives

Focus on Nduara

15 May 2012

Nduara, Loliondo

Investing in communities and conservation

We have a variety of projects that we support here:

Safari Kids

Our guides have agreed to donate three days of their time to take a small group of school students into the national park, to teach them about ecology (and to hopefully spot a big cat or two!). The aim of this project is to increase awareness and interest of a new generation regarding the importance of wildlife conservation and assure the survival of Tanzania’s wildlife heritage. It costs $150 per day to take students into the park

Maajabu Environmental Films

Maajabu are a Tanzanian based non-profit, who show environmental films. They arrive with their own screen, projector, technicians and a series of films to show in schools and village centres-the entire community shows up! That environmental messages can be sent out to all sectors of the community, in an area where information gathering nearly impossible, Maajabu’s role in Loliondo is vitally important.

It costs $700 to bring the Maajabu film here for a total of 8 film showings.


Ololosokwan Primary School:

Following a $36,000 client donation we have been able to set up a computer lab, train teachers, and provide photocopier machines, all running on solar, for this wonderful school. We are currently fundraising for a white board and projector.

Mwalimu’s School

A magic little school, set up by a local Maasai, which is growing daily thanks to client donations. We have built the school a kitchen a store, so it now qualifies for WFP donations, we have built teachers housing, a classroom and provided educational and recreational supplies for this school.

It is well worth visiting both of these schools.


Piaya Primary School

It is possible to visit this wonderful little school in Piaya. It is incredibly basic-Nomad Trust has provided the school with mosquito nets, desks, and chairs. We are currently building 200 desks for this school. It is always in need of supplies.

It costs $600 for a fully comprehensive first aid kit for the school.

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