Free as a bird

11 March 2012

Look at this beautiful ostrich couple. There is something about them don’t you think? Calm, confident and majestic they are as they move about the vast Serengeti plains.

And looking at their figures the bird actually has every reason to behave that way. Weighing in at 65 – 130 kg (140-290 lb) it is the largest flightless bird on the planet, even reaching heights of up to 2.75 mts.

Unknown to most of us, the ostrich is very capable of attacking when the need arises. Though it usually prefers to flee, with speeds reaching up to 70 km/h (43 mp/h), its powerful legs can attack with fierce strength. An impressive claw on the inside of its two toes is used as a weapon.

All-in-all a bird that you may not wish to mis-understand. Spending time observing these birds up close, you certainly start to appreciate them as something quite special.

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