Conservation & environment

From the shamba to the table

10 October 2018

We love the idea of farm-to-fork and sourcing fresh vegetables locally.

A few months back we met Pai, who lives in Katumbi Village and is running a small farm close to the airstrip. He has been growing a few things like tomatoes and spinach that he would sell on the local village market. So we started to purchase the things he was growing but both Pai and us, we were keen on increasing the diversity of vegetables in order to purchase as much as possible from his farm. Today, Pai is providing us with most of the fresh vegetables that we use for our menu, such as lettuce, beetroots, radishes, green peppers, chilies, fresh herbs, spinach, cucumbers, papaya, leeks and spring onions, to just name a few. And soon the cauliflower, rocket, watercress, cherry tomatoes, squash and zucchini will be ready. And imagine our surprise when we learned that he even has lemon trees behind his house! Pai’s shamba is very well-organised and everything on the shamba is grown organically. As the farm keeps growing Pai’s younger brother Ezequiel is now supporting him as the farm is getting too big to be run by one person. We could not enjoy more having all these fresh and healthy vegetables for our meals!

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