Sand Rivers

Fun in the rain

14 March 2012

Thunder storms are becoming a nightly event here at Sand Rivers, the weather systems have started to come from the west. At dinner the other night we had to move the dinner table to the entrance of the Lodge, but the wind was so strong it was rather difficult to eat our soup without in ending up on our laps, these storms don't last long, the wind dies down quickly and the rain settles in. Before the water has had time to soak into the almost saturated earth, the puddles covering the black cotton soil (very fine black clay) make for fun game drives as the Land Rovers slip and slide their way though the mud. Fresh footprints of the animals litter the ground, the Hippos plough their way through the earth leaving very distinctive narrow trails, the Giraffes unable to move rapidly in slippery mud for fear of falling, have to be cautious not to be seen by a keen eyed Lion. Dung beetle use this time of year clear up all the waste left by the animals, the soft ground makes it easy to dig into, taking their dung under ground, keeping their eggs safe from predators.

The first picture is Lightening over Mtundussi hill, which can be seen from the lodge.

The second picture is Lioness near Lake Tagalala.

The third picture is two Grey Herons fighting over territory.

The last picture is a female Bush Buck.

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