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Games of Chimps

10 July 2017

Season has started in Mahale and for the last month our chimpanzees have remained quite high in the mountains. But now the hunt is on, and they are venturing further down in search of food. Unlike gorillas, chimps do eat meat. This can take guests by surprise, especially if they are lucky enough to witness this firsthand, but they are equally awed at how dynamic and exciting an event it is for the group.

They hunt their prey, the Red-Colobus Monkey, as a cohort of chimps, working together for the kill. The sharing of the meat is a political affair, and not all in the group may receive a piece of the spoils, “I am gonna share a part with you, but maybe not with you”.

Darwin enjoying his share. Photo: Rimma Amonov

Below Fanana has been caught red handed appropriating the red-colobus all to himself, a very patriarchal move from the former alpha male.

Photo: Rimma Amonov

Once back at camp we check on the newest addition to the Vervet’s family, content seeing their little newborn feeding healthily from the mother.

Rounding up the day, we spend the evening with guests preparing sashimi to be enjoyed on the beach.

I am reminded daily of how magical Greystoke is!

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