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Gone Fishing….

09 November 2013

After many hours of having your "Safari Massage" in the vehicles there is no better way to stretch your legs, feel the sand between your toes and immerse yourself into river life here in the Selous than grabbing the cool-box and heading to a secluded spot and casting off for the afternoon...

Gently cruising up river is a great way to take in all the action along the banks, these beautiful Bee-Eaters are abound this time of year

Any river trip here in the Selous is one you want to take easy as you navigate your way through 100's of cavorting hippos, wonderful to get so close to these powerful animals

Hamadi wins with the biggest catch of the evening, a beautiful Golden Catfish - local techniques clearly pay off!

Under the ever watchful eye of sunbathing crocs as we glide past the sand banks

A fishing trip here is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon soaking in river life at it's own pace.

Come and join us for a cold drink as we watch the sun set on the river and bid farewell to another beautiful day in the Selous!

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