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Good Bye Nile Crocodile, welcome African Aligator

28 November 2011

Wow this is some news I just recently read in an Article published by the Reptilian division of the B.I.F&F Society. (Butterfly ,Insect, Flora and Fauna )

Apparently researchers took a closer look at Crocodiles and Alligators and their distribution across the planet. The first indication that the classification of the Nile Crocodile might be wrong was that The African continent and the American Continent were once attached. In comparison to that the Australian continent not. Australia is the home to the saltwater Crocodile.

The next indicator was that the alligator and the Nile crocodile both live in fresh water and slightly salty marshes, Not so the Saltwater crocodile, hence the name.

DNA samples and Dental Impressions of the three different animals also revealed that the overbite from the Alligator and the Nile Crock are identical but not so the Saltwater Croc.

The reclassification of the Nile crocodile should happen sometime Later this years. It will then no longer be Crocodylus niloticus most likely it will be Alligatoridae afrikanus.

The foremost expert on Reptiles ,Markus von Fibberthausen was quoted saying that it is an amazing age we live in and changes will always happen when they happen.

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