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“Good morning Lamai folks, did somebody here order the wildebeest?”

08 August 2014

It's been a pretty wild few weeks with the migration swarming through the Northern Serengeti in full swing.

They've been back and forth in front of the lodge, in incredibly dense herds one day then seemingly scattered and dispersed the next.

It really changes the entire atmosphere of the landscape - I cannot describe it, I doubt that anyone can.

Many a drive heads out towards the Mara River in the hope of striking lucky and catching that all important crossing!

Here are some of the season's finest photographs so far, with credits to some of the brilliant Lamai photographers kind enough to share them with us.

Michael and Deborah Sobolik captured the moment when a massive heard of Wildebeest bunched up on the northern side of the Mara river before heading east.

With thanks to Morton Rawlin for this brilliant shot.

Michael Liu shot this atmospheric crossing on his way from Kogatende airstrip to the lodge - not bad for your first day!!

Roger Bender caught this huge Nile Crocodile zoning in on the herd.

Another dramatic moment photographed by Roger Bender - spectacular.

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