Good times at Lamai

01 November 2011

Guests at Lamai saw a good crossing yesterday. Heavy rain the last few days seems to have brought the wildebeest back and they have been around in force with herds visible in front of the lodge almost all the time.

We’ve also had some nice morning visits from a herd of ellies one day, a herd of buffalo the next and a herd of eland the day after. We watched a hyena chase some wildebeest two mornings ago. Last night, we watched a leopard and hyena walk in front of the rooms and lions pulled down two wildebeest just off the kopje a couple of days ago.

Picture by Kennedy John

The highlight for me so far was when I went out on a game drive. We came across a pride of lions with a leopard in a tree about 200 meters away and a fresh zebra carcass fifty meters after the leopard at the bottom of a korongo. A lioness came over and was about to chase the leopard up the tree when a buffalo decided to join the party and chased the lion away (who then went and started eating the zebra).

Guest post from Matt, our Kiba Point manager enjoying a change of scene

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