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Goodbyes at Greystoke

04 December 2017

Greystoke Mahale says goodbye to its beloved camp manager, Julien, as he migrates to our Sand Rivers camp in the Selous.

Some heartfelt parting words…

The time has come for me to leave this wonderland that is Greystoke Mahale, and has been my home for two magical years. Nature, the pan-hooding of the chimps, my super-extraordinary-loving staff, guests who become friends, the fish and creatures of the Lake… oh my …I can hardly believe my turn has come and I am really leaving Greystoke Mahale! A two year long love affair, I will forever be grateful to Greystoke Mahale, I gave you my heart and soul and you gave me yours right back. THANK YOU!

Thank you Primus, our Alpha Male, let your reign be long King of the Forest! Take care of the M-Community, take care of your wonderful family, you all legends of the great apes, keep pan-hooding, pan-grounding, pan-smacking, pan-everything.

Thank you little boy, keep playing in the trees, hanging to your mother, discovering the forest, and eating fresh fruits.

Thank you princess Juliette and Georgette, you fatty girls, what a joy when you are hanging around the main area, begging for attention and love.

Thank you my darling Joey. Take care of baby Vervet, I will so miss your visits to my office my dear ;)

Thank you buddy Big Bird. You left too early and we miss you everyday when out on the water. Fly high my friend.

And of course thank you to my amaaaaaaaazing staff! The A-Team, the Dream Staff, the Rocking Staff, for sure I was the luckiest manager ever! You will always be in my heart.

Putting this down into words is one of the hardest things I have had to do - Goodbye my Greystoke Mahale, I will always love you.

Julien ;)

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