Greystoke grooming session

21 June 2012

Yesterday morning. A lot of noise from the forest again. Actually, we heard it already in the distance during the night. And this time around it weren’t any school children...

It were the chimpanzees – and a a rather large group of them.

As the sounds became louder throughout the morning, it was clear these apes were heading for Greystoke.

All guests had been out chimp tracking that morning and now enjoying a deserved rest in their rooms.

That this time around the chimpanzees would come right into camp and sit on the very pathways between the guest rooms nobody could have hoped for.

As the men groomed each other on the path, a beautiful lady stretched her legs on her back. A baby was observing us from the bush and another lady was sitting on a branch as if she was a human. Seriously, encounters like this are striking.

This was as much an experience for us as well as our guests. So close, so much in common – it really is unbelievable.

All in all the groups counted 16 adults spread out over camp. I wonder why June is said to be for a more challenging time?

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