Grooming and Kissing.

15 June 2011

Chimpanzees are very social by nature. The community also has a well defined hierarchy. How we tell whether one Chimp has a higher status is through the way they interact with one another. Who Grooms who can give us many insights into status and alliances.

Yesterday or guests were treated to an amazing display of this behavior. Tynan Daniels a budding Cinematographer has kindly donated some of his photos.

Pimu the Alpa male is groomed by several Chimps. Notice the Mahale hand clasp where two Chimps hold hands above their heads. This has only been noted with Mahale Chimpanzees.

Like a train, one Chimp grooms another who grooms the next. Note, Omo and new born baby are at the head of the chain. Omo's baby is probably Pimu's

We are not the only animals who kiss when greeting one another.

Thanks for the great photos Tynan.

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