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Groovy Greystoke Guests

12 March 2020

Another round of Watoto Go Wild students in camp at Greystoke Mahale. And boy oh boy did they have a great time.

Arrived at camp bright and early in time for breakfast.

They were very lucky as the chimps were close by and all the students and teachers managed to see them, just a short walk from camp.

They then came back for lunch in the main mess area.

Followed different activities and some fun and games with the staff and amongst themselves.

They really made themselves at home and enjoyed camp which is wonderful to see.

They took a tour around some of the rooms, and back of house, learning about all the different roles that make up camp, and meeting the camp team along the way, some of whom they know from their home village.

Then after all the excitement came to an end, they boarded the boat back home.

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