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30 September 2019


Teddy hasn’t been seen for a few weeks and we were all starting to get worried if something might have happened to him. But then he was spotted together with some females, in good health and probably enjoying himself and the ladies company.

Now he came back into the group, however found the dynamics to have changed while he was gone. Michio, a young ambitious male, big and strong, used Teddy´s absence to push himself ahead and is holding now the number two position.

Teddy showed some submissive signs towards Michio, not too much but definitely recognising his fellow’s new power. He also was seen giving his competitor Emory and some of the other higher rank males reassuring hugs, probably just to let them know “hey, I was absent for a little while, but all good between us and I am back in a peaceful mood.” Smart move Teddy, he definitely knows how to stay out of trouble. And he still is very confident and strong, if you haven’t seen the video of him showing of, powerful and he didn’t even need to underline his charging display with sound, watch it.

Our bets are still on him to become the next Alpha male at some point.

Primus is away from the group, so it will be interesting to see what is going to happen next. We will keep you posted!

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