Health & wellbeing

Guest and staff welfare

13 May 2020

The safety of our guests and staff is, and always has been, at the heart of everything we do.

In response to the current, and potentially future, environment that coronavirus (Covid-19) has created across the globe, we are continuing to review and maintain a high standard in our approach towards health and cleanliness throughout all of the services we provide.

To do this, we are continually reassessing official health guidance, as and when new information becomes available, to ensure we are working to the most relevant and high standard practices. We are reflecting these within both with our internal procedures and our operational activities. We also continue to identify additional measures through our internal risk management processes and are working hard to implement any enhancements to current procedures, introducing new internal procedures and assessments where necessary and staff training. We are also in conversations with our safari partners in Tanzania to ensure we are satisfied with the level of controls provided by other third-party camps and providers, alongside our own services.

More specifically we are implementing, alongside ensuring our guests can continue to enjoy the wilderness and beauty of our camps, the following measures:

  • Thorough cleaning, washing and safety measures within our camps and vehicles, our approach towards housekeeping within rooms and communal areas;
  • Provision of additional hand washing facilities, both within camps and whilst on safaris;
  • Guidance for guests within camp so they have full awareness of what is in place for their wellbeing;
  • Catering measures, both within camp and whilst on safari, considering the entire journey of sourcing food to our camps through to guest service;
  • Social distancing, from guests travelling to our camps, within our camp and on excursions, we are working on how we can mitigate risks for our guests and staff along their safari journey
  • Requesting our third-party camps and providers to provide sufficient reassurance on the service they will be offering through Covid-19 specific risk assessments;
  • Covid-19 staff training and awareness for our staff across all camp operational activities;
  • Use of protective equipment, effectively and in keeping with current medical guidelines;
  • Pro-actively preparing and managing our supply of key products, such as cleaning materials and protective equipment;
  • We are assessing the services offered within camp to ensure they are suitable within the current environment, for example spa treatments and swimming facilities;
  • Implementation of additional restrictions of staff movement in advance of the service they will providing in camp.

We will also ensure transparent arrangements are in place in relation to emergency health care, whether this be in respect of flying doctor cover or access to real-time support from qualified physicians.

This has always been, and remains to be, a constantly evolving process but rest assured that our camps and operations will not commence before we are confident that we are providing our guests and staff with the highest levels of safety possible.

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