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Have you met Rumas?

10 August 2018

Through our partnership with KopeLion, we have sponsored Rumas, the local ‘Ilchokuti’ lion protector based in the area around Entamanu Ngorongoro.
Rumas is an ex-lion hunter who now works with KopeLion monitoring & mitigating lion conflicts.

What does an Ilchokuti do?

An Ilchokuti intervenes when they see possible lion hunts brewing in the community. The Ilchokuti try to calm people down and promote alternative action to conflict & remind communities of the repercussions of lion attacks.

The Ilchokuti are also tasked with other community work and act as representatives for KopeLion. If a lion breaks into a boma, the Ilchokuti help the owner repair the boma. If livestock go missing, they search for them until they find them (alive or dead).

They also participate in local events and celebration. If someone from the community is sick, an Iluchukuti will look after their herd on their behalf, and are trained to treat sick livestock.

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