Health & wellbeing

Helping a Hundred

01 September 2021

We are thrilled that we have now managed to help over 100 children make their way to The Plaster House for life changing surgery and care. From club feet, to cleft palates and burn scar contractures, children from all over Tanzania have benefited from our Health Outreach Program with The Plaster House. Children found in villages around our camps, by Nomad staff and guides when they are in the area, get referred onto our health outreach team to make a plan for them to join the program. Once a child’s case is approved as a candidate for Plaster House treatment, we work to get them to Arusha. On buses, plans, and even private cars, we help them find their way to The Plaster House.

We are so grateful for everyone in this program.

The Plaster House - we couldn’t do any of this without your amazing programs for reconstructive surgeries.

Our Nomad teams - who don’t tire of finding more and more children to help.

Guests and friends of Nomad - who help keep this program running and allow us to go the extra mile.

Asante sana to you all!

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