Hemingway, eat your heart out!

28 October 2011

Chimps are not the only stars of the show at Greystoke, Mahale. Afternoon boat trips in our traditional dhows have their own cast of characters including hippos (often walking under the boat with their young and plainly visible in the crystal clear waters below), as well as the fish eagles and palm nut vultures that live in the beautiful bay south of camp.

And this week, the Wheeler family from Suffolk demonstrated that in the human species at least, alpha females often outdo alpha males. Expert fly fisherman, Mark Wheeler, set out on the afternoon fishing trip keen to bring home a big catch for evening sashimi at the bar and a fish dinner, only to be outdone by his wife, Caroline.

Our trolling lines, dragged behind the boat with a spinner, tend to be great levelers and it was Caroline who landed an 8kg perch! Mark’s 0.2kg cuhay somehow didn’t measure up. A rearrangement of fishing trophy photos in the Wheeler drawing room is being planned...

Richard Madden - Greystoke Mahale

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