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Hidden Treasures of Lamai

28 September 2013

Lamai the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.When Mum's away the cubs come out to play.

What mischief can I get up to today?

Showing off his climbing skills.A few weeks after our Blog on Leopards Mating, the male has been seen proving that he is the true alpha male in the area, he was spotted with another female on the same Kopje hopefully ensuring that we see lot of these little fellas above.

These cubs have been a regular sighting much to the enjoyment and entertainment of our guests, seen most mornings and evenings, playing around the rocks and branches that provide them with much needed shelter and protection. They have been a highlight amongst the many amazing sightings we get on a daily basis.

Many thanks to Linda Porter for letting us use her wonderful image of the rainbow above the Lamai Kopje.

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