Highly polite… and ambitious too!

14 March 2012

The African Safari industry is unique in many ways. But one thing we really appreciate is the opportunities that people are able to create, pursue and realise.

Enough introduction - time to meet John Hipolite. Head waiter at Lamai Serengeti, since Lamai opened its doors the 28th of June2011. John leads a team of seven others and does a really great job. But how did John get here and does he have any plans for the future?

After graduation as a carpenter from Makiungu College in Singida, John joined Nomad in Sand Rivers Selous in 2004 to support the company with his woodwork knowledge. It was his very first step in the safari industry and John did not speak a single word of English at the time.

Having enjoyed carpentry for nearly 3 years John nevertheless knew he wanted more so he studied English in his evening hours and spent his holidays in school, training his language skills. In 2007 he started waiter-training in Sand Rivers Selous alongside his carpentry position. A rising star, he quickly turned to a full time waiter in 2008.

Over the next 3 years John showed superb hospitality qualities, and finally demonstrating that he was ready to lead a team of people, his chance of becominga head waiter in Lamai Serengeti arrived in 2011. Today John almost clocks a year in his more responsible role. Seemingly enjoying every minute of it, John is already figuring out his next step!

Guiding is what he would love to see himself doing in a few years from now. This March, John starts a guiding course in Arusha under his own initiative. He knows that if you really want something, you have to pursue it.

I told you it’s an enjoyable experience to meet with people with a strong sense of ambition... No doubt you'll meet with John face to face when you’re here!

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