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Honey Harvesting

12 April 2019

Its now six months since we had ran a beekeeping workshop in Katavi with villagers and members of the beekeeping network in Mpimbwe. So here's just a quick update from us on what the bees have been up to in the meantime.

After receiving training from apiary experts, individuals have invested in over 100 new beehives in the area. With beekeepers now boasting just short of 500 beehives between them, 273 have bees had bees move in.

Over the last six weeks 245 litres of honey has been harvested.

More than 80 acres of land have been set aside by members, selecting areas with plenty of trees, crops and flowers, to enrich the honey quality. We are also hoping for more positive changes of crop yields as an added bonus from the pollination by bees ,later this year.

Below is the ‘Mirumba' youth group in the field as they were harvesting one of their local beehives.

Then processing and sieving the honey from honey combs using the honey pressing machine at the LCMO office.

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