Sand Rivers

Hooked on the Selous

29 February 2012

Chloe with the catch of the day!

One of the best watered parks in Africa, the Selous offers more than just the opportunity to hop in a Landrover and go on a game drive. The main life line of the Selous is the Rufiji river, it with its tributaries are thought to contain over 40,000 Hippos and I would not dare to estimate how many Nile Crocodiles bask on its banks. The Crocodiles enjoy a healthy diet of fish, and there is no shortage of them.

One of the more pleasant ways to spend an afternoon in the Selous is fishing, a short boat trip will take you to a prime fishing spot, take your shoes off and jump out on to the sand bank. No experience needed, the rod will be set up and if you want even cast for you! Then you sit back with a cold drink, watching the sunset over the Kipalala hills, listening to the sound of the Hippos and the African Fish Eagles.

You might even catch a fish.

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