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How to Weave a Home

20 January 2014

The African Golden Weaver, formerly known as the Yellow Weaver, is locally common here at Sand Rivers. Often found flittering around near the waters edge, very vocal and excitable pretty birds that are endlessly up to something. One of the most interesting behaviours of weavers is that of the male, weaving the perfect nest in pursuit of a mate. Even before completion of the nest he will try and flatter a female, standing next to his nest wings slightly open and fluttering. This usually goes in vain, as even on completion and exhibition some females will disapprove and the male will have to tear down his efforts. Once the female accepts his weaving skills, a home is made and soon there will be a little chatter from the next generation of weavers.

'Off to find some more building materials'

'This blade of grass will help make a fine home'

'Flying with grass in your beak is not as easy as it looks'

'A little pull here'

'Weavers don't need saftey harnesses'

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