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Huge thanks!empli

01 September 2020

We set up a fund to help tide our Nomad folk over in a time that would normally be buzzing with full camps, busy teams, heaps of happy guests and safaris in all corners of the wild. Through countless acts of kindness by those who've contributed, we have been able to help over 120 of our staff members with a bit of a boost.

Some have used it to pay rent; others put it toward their kids' fees when schools reopened; others used it for medical expenses that their health insurance doesn't cover. Covid-19 coincided with floods in Tanzania and some of our people lost their crops too, which would've been a source of food and income - so the fund has made a world of difference.

Recently, a very generous donor completely blew us away with a donation of $10,000. It's tricky to express just how much this means to us, and what it'll mean to the people it helps - but from the bottom of our hearts, and on behalf of all the Nomads - a very big thank you!

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