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I am Kimti

17 January 2021

"I am Kimti from Arusha, I have a deep passion for photography, wildlife and travel. Photography has been self-learning practice until I got the golden opportunity with Nomad and their partners Tawima.

I have currently been on a career break after working 12 years in the banking industry. My role was as a Bank Manager at I&M Bank Arusha Branch. My journey has been a roller coaster ride from cooperate world to finding my purpose in life.

I find myself at my best version around the nature and capturing the moments in the wild. Photography has been something I have always been told I am good at it and my friends would recommend me to take pictures of events. I have done several events wedding, parties, portrait shoot etc.

But I fell in love with wildlife photography during my trip to Serengeti for the first time in 2018. I was lucky to spot a leopard and I captured a fine-looking image of this handsome cat that left me awestruck! Right from there I knew what one thing I love to do is.

I would like to be an inspiration to the women out there to follow their dreams and for the next generation to choose the career path based on their passion.
I am a dreamer and believe nothing is impossible, I see myself to be one of the recognized female travel photographers in Tanzania."

From Kimit, one of our female interns who was based at Sand Rivers Selous at the end of 2020 on one of the last Photography internship trips of the year.

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