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In the Serengeti, It’s the patient that fortune favours…..

24 January 2014

No need to be bold, brave strong and the rest - when you have the oportunity to view wildlife, take your time!

Enjoy the little Thomson's Gazelle, grazing in the morning sunshine........

.....and that Cheetah sneaking up on it!

For over an hour she just did we.

Her focus set fast on her quarry, set she makes her move.

Hell for leather!


It's a wonderful sight but really difficult to photograph!

A Cheetah's ability to change direction at full speed is remarkable to say the least.

The desperate little Thomson's puts it all into a sudden bound to the right, there can only have been two metres between them but the cat missed her target...this time.

She looks back beyond where she started and begins to call, sure enough her gentle mewing is responded to by her two cubs.

We had no idea they were there.

Running to catch up with mum they are already showing of the moves!

They follow her beyond the ridgline and we leave them in peace.

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