Jungle bells

13 February 2013

Painted reed frogs come in many color variations and patterns and therefore it took us some time to identify this beauty of a frog. Though most species live in grasslands in sub saharan Africa there is also one group that is found in the forests of west and central Africa.

And here it is...

A painted reed frog resting during the day.

Unlike most other frogs that prefer to hide during the day, the painted reed frog can be spotted in the open. Like this little fellow that we found sitting on a leaf behind one of the guest rooms.

Beautiful in its appearance, the frog has no neck that separates the head from its body. With an average size of approx 3 cm’s the frogs are small. Painted reed frogs mate during the rainy season and it’s during this time that males sing together in groups, calling from tall grasses, bushes or even trees. These frogs make for a beautiful African jungle sound, like the ringing of small bells – jungle bells.

Painted reed frogs have no necks, as is easy to see here.

Small and attractive – it’s certainly noisy!

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