Just another day at Lamai!

03 July 2012

Photo by Lisa Dokken

We have had such fantastic sightings over the last couple of weeks and the Dokken family managed to capture some great photographs with John on their game drives. In one day they sighted a huge healthy male Cheetah on a 'thomi' kill, which was eyed closely by a black-backed Jackal and eventually stolen by a Hyena!

Photo by Lisa Dokken

A beautiful large male leopard was seen relaxing up in a tree and a male lion hiding sneakily behind a bush! What a day!!

These beautiful photos show two of the biggest spotted cats in Africa in true style!

Lisa Dokken took such great photos I couldn't resist asked her for them!

'The Rogers Family' with Emmanuel by Lisa Dokken

Fortunately the Lamai wedge has opened up now and it has become a ritual for daily visits to this beautiful area.

It is like a secret Oasis in the middle of the Serengeti!!

'The Lamai Wedge' by Lisa Dokken

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